Health Sector


We have a long successful track record of working in partnership with surgeries, health centres and local authorities. We can advise on specialist products to enhance the efficiency of your organisation.

Wireless headsets prove very popular with reception staff and call recording facilities can prove invaluable to prevent litigation, or as a staff training tool. A fully featured Auto Attendant will ensure that your incoming callers will be directed appropriately.

We offer the peace of mind of a comprehensive maintenance package to support your telephone system.

Patient Connect

PatientConnect is a next generation Communications Solution for GP Practices, utilising Oak Telecom’s award winning recordX and Smartphone PC software, to link to both your telephone system and to SystmOne to provide the following functionality & benefits:

  • Inbound Screen Pop: When your telephone rings, the software on your PC monitoring your extension activates to provide a discrete on-screen display showing the caller’s number, name and Address Book / SystmOne information for the caller.
  • Patient Connect Dashboard: Launches on answering a call, showing associated demographics information to confirm patient identity and facilitating launch of the SystmOne record for the caller.
  • On Screen Click To Dial: Dial Patients and other contacts automatically. Also dial from web pages, on-screen shortcuts and from the call histories. Option to verify mobile numbers are active and live before contact.
  • New Number Capture: When receiving a call from an unknown number, options exist to record this as a new record and / or add a simple identifying note to the Smartphone internal address book.
  • Smartphone Features: There are many useful features available from the PC Smartphone software.
  • Call Recording: Search and play recordings by patient name or ID. Retrieve from Oak's Call Player.

Should you have any queries or would like to book an appointment please call on: 0845 271 3844 or email