Education Sector

Education Sector

We understand the unique business environment that schools, colleges and academies present. We can advise on specialist products to enhance the efficiency of your organisation.

Whether it be wireless headsets for reception staff or a fully featured Auto Attendant that ensures that your incoming calls are directed appropriately.

We specialize in providing tailored solutions whatever your needs , working closely with county councils, as well as the independent sector.

We offer the peace of mind of a comprehensive maintenance package to support your telephone system.

The Communications Automation Solution for Schools

With an ever increasing amount of communication with parents and guardians, the need for automation and improved performance has never been greater.

Parent Connect provides a unique integrated solution for Schools.

SMS, Email, face to face, telephone contact

Demonstrate Compliance

Enhance the parent-school relationship and provide demonstrative support for key school policies.

Increase Efficiency

Enable administration staff to handle more calls more easily. Instantly recognise parents or guardians phoning the school with details of the associated child.

Emergency Communication

An effective tool for emergency contact with parents or guardians combining automated methods with on-screen telephone dialling and number priorities to ensure the best telephone numbers are used.

Save Time & Money

In addition to parental information, contact details for companies, suppliers, governors and other individuals can be stored and used to gain further benefits of automated dialling and contact recognition.

Demonstrate Safeguarding

See alerts of any current safeguarding situations every time you communicate with a parent or guardian, about a child.