Call Management

Call Management

Customers find this an invaluable tool for telling which extensions are making and taking specific phone calls. This information has a host of uses, which can be used both in effective deployment of personnel, as well as an aid to staff appraisals/training.

Call management software can also be used to monitor and analyse your monthly call spend, ensuring that your organisation gets the best value for money.

Call Logging

Oak's call reporting software provides the detailed analytics needed to measure and manage your business performance.

Advance Report shows you just how productive your business is. It captures the details of every call that a business handles, displays this information on a wallboard screen, and uses it to generate a series of comprehensive reports. At a glance, you can see where calls are coming from and going to, who is making the most calls, how much your calls cost, and when your busiest and quietest periods are, and even detect possible fraud. With an informed understanding of your call flow you can better manage your business.

  • Reduce costs
    See an immediate reduction of up to 15% in call costs as well as the saving of staff time spent on unnecessary or long duration calls.
  • Retain customers
    Impress callers by answering their calls quickly and handling their calls effectively.
  • Increase sales
    Use the wallboard display to show telesales campaigns and to motivate staff to hit visible sales targets.
  • Improve performance
    Analyse staff telephone usage and work with them to improve their telephone and telesales techniques.
  • Detect fraud
    Identify telephone fraud early and avoid running up huge phone bills.

Oak Call Recording

Oak's call recording software is designed to make your business better all round at what it does.

We understand the potential for business improvement that comes from recording and storing phone calls, from complying with financial regulations, to providing better customer service, to retaining customers and achieving higher frequency sales. First and foremost though, Advance Record makes it easy to find, retrieve and listen to all or selected calls through a simple but powerful web interface on your PC, MAC or tablet.

  • Demonstrate legal compliance
    Our software complies with FCA, PCI DSS and HIPAA guidelines thus ensuring recordings are secure and tamperproof, that credit card details are not recorded, and that access to private data is fully managed.
  • Resolve disputes
    Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to your client to confirm contract details thus avoiding any ongoing legal disputes.
  • Monitor quality of service
    Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times.
  • Improve staff performance
    Use our call evaluation module to measure staff performance. Work with staff to improve telephone and telesales techniques.
  • Drive business improvement
    Use call recording in conjunction with Advance Report and Advance Integrate to provide the complete communications management solution for your business.

Place in queue

Inform your callers, have fewer dropped calls and improve your customer satisfaction ratings by using a place in queue system.

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